Sample SRESI-Generated Portals


I'm trying to code a smart bookmarks manager, based on tags (not exactly original, I know): SRESI.

As a demonstration of where I'm trying to go, here are two sample portals built from my current XBEL file.

As I have not yet left my former bookmarks manager behind me, the bookmarks tree is not yet balanced for SRESI use, so there will be some awkward bits.

The demonstrations

Fantasy and Science-Fiction

A lot of semi-random links on authors, their writings and their worlds.


The links to whatever pieces of knowledge I thought I might need someday.

Hint use

The links are a smattering of Linux distributions and related bookmarks. The point is, there are two versions of the data file: standard, and with a few hints to help the process along.

Without hints

A bit of a mess, really.

With hints

Just two of them, to define architecture and alternative archs. The difference is striking.


You will probably note a mess with extended characters in these examples. It's not SRESI's fault: my original XBEL file went from iso8859-1 to iso8859-15 to UTF8 (and back again, sometimes, depending on where I used it last), with the occasional Windows import thrown in, whatever encoding that might be in.

By the time I noticed the mess, it was already too late: I decided to not bother anymore. I'll clean-up later, when I'm sure it will not happen again.