The SRESI bookmarks manager

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User Manual

Bookmarks Import

Technical Notes

Possible Evolutions

XBEL Formatting


  1. SRESI
  2. XML Light
  3. Thanks
  4. Torisugari's Scripts and Style Sheets




This program is licensed under the GPL.

The new stable branch is 0.19.14.x; the latest is The current development release is 0.19.19.

If you compile from source, do not ever use the bytecode version for anything but development: the performance is downright atrocious.

XML Light

An XML parsing library: the one and only dependency to compile SRESI.


The icons used in the portal export were taken from the GPL-licensed Black + White icon set, by Carpelinx, with his kind permission.

The XBEL display scripts were adapted from Torisugari's, though the originals appear to have been lost along with his website. The adaptation was to add alias support, which is not significant in this project.

Torisugari's Scripts and Style Sheets

Torisugari kindly gave me permission to redistribute his scripts, to which I've added my own variant, with support for aliases.

Both downloads are licensed under the GPL.