The SRESI bookmarks manager

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User Manual

Bookmarks Import

Technical Notes

Possible Evolutions

  1. Code Quality
  2. Features
  3. Advanced Evolutions
  4. Optimisations

XBEL Formatting




I have put more in sresi than I first thought I would, but I'm still not quite there yet. Here are my current ideas for further developments.

Code Quality


  • Add a system of synonyms;
  • When the export comes from a subset, add the selection pattern to the title (maybe as an option);
  • Write filters for the next Firefox bookmarks system (pushed back to 3.x);
  • Write export filters for Atom and RSS;
  • Write an XML portal export filter, so the navigation and display can be changed with a simple XSLT;
  • Make optional stylesheets a runtime parameter;
  • Add a recovery option for damaged files;
  • Deal with charsets;
  • Maybe add a description field;
  • Add Favicons (probably not before they are standardised).

Advanced Evolutions

  • Write a Firefox extension (maybe in conjunction with the PHP wrapper);
  • Write a Javascripllet to invoke the PHP wrapper;
  • Write a PHP+Javascript wrapper based on the trees, with drag-and-drop support (not enough knowledge yet);
  • Write an advanced editor, where keywords are automagically filled in from the folder the bookmark has been created in, plus the ability to add more tags either free-form or from the list of existing ones (much later, I guess).


  • Index the tags and do the work on their integer index instead of their string names (more cumbersome, but the comparison is about six times faster in my quick benchmark);
  • Check whether It is better to duplicate much data or to only use index in structures;
  • Indexing folders with the MD5 of their tag set did not give the performance benefits intended.