The SRESI bookmarks manager

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  1. Rationale
  2. The solution
  3. The Competition


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Most, if not all, browsers use a hierarchical bookmarks system. This works well as long as the structure remains reasonably simple.

Once the bookmarks number in the hundreds, however, it is unavoidable that some will fit in several folders. Where you put them will depend on your mindframe at the time. Where you look for them will depend on your mindframe another day: meaning not necessarily at the right place.

This will lead to frustration, duplicate entries and a mostly inefficient system, to which more and more people simply prefer a good search engine.

To ease this, some browsers can use aliases. While this is a good idea, they must be created explicitly. It only takes a bit more time to enter them, but a lot more mental effort to build the right arborescence to house them in.

The solution

Some time ago, Tengis proposed a keyword-based approach. Either more people have read up on Tengis than I thought, or this bookmark tagging thing was an idea whose time had come. There are now many online bookmarks managers using this, most with the express purpose of sharing bookmarks between users.

While sharing bookmarks certainly has its uses, I needed a personnal bookmarks manager, with as little dependencies as possible.

I am also not quite ready to abandon the classical (read hierarchical) presentation. So I wrote SRESI to, as the saying goes, scratch my itch.

SRESI generates an ideal hierarchy, where each bookmark appears at every fitting place in the structure.
Or at least attempts to.

If the keywords are used consistently, it can guess their parentage and build a leaner tree.
If not, there can be some surprising results.
And a mess.

While the initial goal was only to generate a standard arborescence, SRESI now infers more precise navigation aids: it is possible to reach a bookmark from a path, and then jump to any other path leading to it.

The Competition